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The New Era Baptist State Convention of Nebraska exist because of the local church. Our role is to serve the local church. As we work together to fulfill our mission we must become like an invisible hand that is strategically positioned underneath the church in order to uphold the local church so that each convention church can shine as it effectively fulfills its God given mission. 

The New Era Baptist State Convention of Nebraska Inc. exists to build a network of member churches organized to encourage and equip the local church to fulfill the Great Commandment and the Great Commission..

New Era Baptist State Convention of NE, Inc. is a great religious organization for the local Baptist churches to be connected with for unification and outreach in the local, state, and national work of ministry.  New Era has been known to be an entity to confront and communicate the urgency of spiritual development, educational growth, and economic empowerment. 
New Era enables students from the local churches and communities to receive scholarships from colleges, organizations, non-profits, private donors, churches, and the National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc. 


Our Mission

Membership in New Era has benefits and responsibilities. Some of the benefits are:.

Our Vision

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Our Impact

Benefits of Belonging

It has been a blessing to be a part of New Era Baptist State Convention of NE, Inc. first as a pastor of a membership church, Pilgrim Baptist Church, as an Christian instructor, and past President.  

‚ÄčDr. Cedric Perkins, Omaha, NE.

Pastor, Pilgrim Baptist Church
National Baptist Congress Vice President

  • Network of likeminded people
  • Opportunities for leadership
  • Voting privileges
  • Local Church consultation
  • Leadership and ministry development